Practical Issues in Contract Law: Barriers to Cross-Border Business in Asia
Published: 17 January, 2017
Asia’s huge appetite for infrastructure is an opportunity for businesses. But one must understand Asia’s diverse legal environment, particularly when contracting in the region.

Sir Bernard Rix will speak on the interpretation of contracts under civil and common law, followed by a panel discussion where the participants discuss the pitfalls when contracting in Asia. Join us on 14 March 2017.

Legal Technology Vision announced at OLY 2017
Published: 09 January, 2017
The Legal Technology Vision describes the importance and increasing role that legal technology will play in the provision of legal services in Singapore for the next five years. It serves as a call to action for lawyers and in-house counsel to leverage technology to enhance their practice. Click here for the full text.

Specialist Accreditation Scheme
Published: 09 January, 2017
SAL is proud to launch the Specialist Accreditation Scheme at the Opening of Legal Year 2017. SAL invites legal practitioners who dedicate much of their practice in a specialise area of law to apply for accreditation. Please sign up for an information evening on 15 February 2017 to find out more. You may also wish to visit the specialist accreditation website for more details.

The Legal Industry Framework for Training and Education (LIFTED)
Published: 09 January, 2017
The Legal Industry Framework for Training and Education (‘LIFTED’) is a professional learning and development initiative by the Singapore Academy of Law. Download the LIFTED Learning Planner 2017 now to begin your learning journey with a little help from LIFTED. Visit the LIFTED website at

“Never Lose Sight of Ethics”
Published: 06 January, 2017
“[Prof Pinsler’s] book is a timely reference in the wake of the professional conduct rules which took effect in November 2015”, so reports The Straits Times Senior Law Correspondent K C Vijayan in “Lawyers must never lose sight of ethics, says CJ”.

It covers every rule of ethics and relevant case law and disciplinary decisions which concern ethical accountability. It also carries an analysis on The Legal Profession (Foreign Representation in Singapore International Commercial Court) Rules 2014.

Purchase the book and gain a full understanding of your responsibility towards a client.

Applications for the Appointments/Re-appointments as Commissioners for Oaths (CO) and/or Notaries Public (NP)
Published: 01 January, 2017
The Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) invites applications for the appointments/re-appointments as Commissioners for Oaths (CO) and/or Notaries Public (NP) for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018. Visit for more details.

SAL-INSEAD Law Firm Leadership Programme 2017
Published: 07 December, 2016
The SAL-INSEAD Law Firm Leadership Programme is a 3-day executive management programme specifically designed and contextualised to address the needs of law firm partners. Click here for more details. Early bird rate ends 20 Jan 2017 so sign up now!

Medico-Legal Forum 2017
Published: 22 November, 2016
An exciting new programme bringing the Medical and Legal Professions together to explore current issues concerning both.  Topics covered include the future of the forensics expert witness and the role of Psychiatrists in the Criminal Justice System, Expert Witnesses, Medical Mediation and Medical Negligence (managing its cost).  Panels of  Medical and Legal Practitioners will be chaired by the Judiciary.  Early bird special available. Seats are limited, so register now.