SAL Journal March 2008

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  This issue features articles on ethics following the Jonathan Lock case, cross-border insolvency, en bloc collective sales and the duty of care related to such sales, trust protectors, amalgamation, auditors’ and company directors’ duties, mediation, and the TRIPS Protocol. It also carries Case Notes on Tiong Seng Contractors (Pte) Ltd v Chuan Lim Construction Pte Ltd and Spandeck Engineering (S) Pte Ltd v Defence Science & Technology Agency.

Articles by
  1. Murray Gleeson AC QC
  2. Jeffrey Pinsler SC
  3. Hans Tjio & Wee Meng Seng
  4. Ter Kah Leng
  5. Tey Tsun Hang
  6. Wee Meng Seng
  7. Ang Cheng Hock & Kenneth Lim Tao Chung
  8. Lye Kah Cheong
  9. Alvin Sim Kia Hong
  10. Glen Koh

Notes and Comments by
  1. Chow Kok Fong
  2. Louis Joseph
  1. Singapore Academy of Law Annual Lecture 2007: “Australia’s Contribution to the Common Law”
  2. Litigation and the Client’s Right to Make an Informed Choice
  3. Cross-border Insolvency and Transfers of Liquidation Estates from Ancillary Proceedings to the Principal Place of Bankruptcy
  4. A Man’s Home is [Not] His Castle – En Bloc Collective Sales in Singapore
  5. Trust Protector
  6. Amalgamation – New Method to Merge and Take-over Companies
  7. Who Left the Gates Unlocked? Reconciling the Duties of Auditors and Company Directors
  8. A Persisting Aberration: The Movement to Enforce Agreements to Mediate
  9. Anti-diversion Measures under the TRIPS Protocol on Public Health – A Commentary
  10. The Duty of Care in Collective Sales of Strata Developments
Notes and Comments
  1. The Final Payment in a Construction Contract: Pressures on Account Finalisation: Tiong Seng Contractors (Pte) Ltd v Chuan Lim Construction Pte Ltd
  2. Establishing a Duty of Care: Singapore’s Single, Two-stage Test: Spandeck Engineering (S) Pte Ltd v Defence Science & Technology Agency


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