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Financial Crime 201
This seminar will review financial crime investigations and the issues which frequently arise such as; privilege, interviewing of suspects and witnesses, divergence of interests between a corporate suspect and individual employees.
eLitigation Administrative Module Training
Focused on providing experiential teaching through effective use of case studies, the programme will cover the filing steps and functionalities of the system as well as key modules of eLitigation.
Conducting A Personal Data Audit
This one-day workshop will provide attendees with the necessary pointers on how to audit their organisation’s  level of compliance in meeting its obligations under the law relating to personal data protection.
Trusts & Wealth Symposium 2017
This SAL Signature Conference is supported by the SAL's Learning Partner, the Singapore Management University School of Law. It brings together legal practitioners, academics and other professionals working in the area of trusts and wealth for lively and in-depth discussion of the developments in the laws and regulations impacting this area of practice.
Legal Support Excellence: Better Emails (Flexible)
This innovative workshop is a combination of online and face-to-face learning, contextualized for legal support roles. Learn how to develop the writing skills you need to improve your communication with your colleagues and clients.
Competition Law Conference 2017
This SAL Signature Conference is supported by the SAL's Learning Partner, the Competition Commission of Singapore. It brings together professionals in the legal industry, and policy-makers, academics and regulators for an in-depth review and critical discussion of latest issues in competition law and regulation.

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The Legal Education cluster of the Academy supports capacity and capability building for the legal industry. The work of this cluster is geared towards the enhancement of competency and practice standards for the legal community through continuing legal education through initiatives such as the Legal Industry Framework for Training and Education (LIFTED). The cluster also develops curriculum for targeted legal education interventions for non-legal personnel. The cluster comprises three divisions: Conferences & Seminars; Training (workshops & courses); e-Lex (eLearning programmes).

The work of the cluster is overseen by the Legal Education Cluster Committee.


Learning Partners

The Legal Education & Training cluster is supported in its work by the following learning partners: