Membership Credit Dollar Scheme

From 2 February 2009, to encourage members to engage in continuing legal education and upgrade their legal knowledge, each SAL member will receive 35 C$ per year upon payment of their SAL annual subscription. Members may use C$ to register for places in SAL seminars, courses, workshops or to acquire books, journals and other publications by the Academy.
  • Redemptions for C$ can be made online at
  • The redemption value of one C$ is S$1.00.
  • Items that are C$ redeemable will be indicated on the SAL website.
  • You may use all or any amount of the available C$ as part of your payment for the transaction.
  • Your C$ is valid from the time it is credited into your account to 31 December of each year.

Find out how to redeem your C$ online, and the terms and conditions for this service. For further assistance, call us at 6332 4388 or email


Online access to Singapore Academy of Law Journal and SAL Annual Review of Singapore Cases

In 2008, in support of the Academy’s effort to go paperless, the Singapore Academy of Law Journal (“SAcLJ”) and the SAL Annual Review of Singapore Cases (“ SAL Ann Rev”) re-directed its focus to online delivery of its content to members via the SAL Digital Library. Members were alerted to a journal’s publication by e-mail which contained a link to that journal’s articles. Online delivery will continue to be the primary mode of distribution.

However, members who would still like to receive a printed copy of the SAcLJ and/or SAL Ann Rev, at no additional cost, may use the Request Form. Upon completion, please mail the Request Form to or fax to 6334 4940.


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