LawNet provides Singapore’s leading legal research portal that has been the backbone of the legal community since 1990. Subscribed to by the majority of Singapore lawyers, and accessible by academic institutions, LawNet caters to the research and legal information needs of legal professionals. Subscribers can conduct research on primary legal materials (Singapore Law Reports, unreported judgments and legislation) and secondary materials (such as legal news, textbooks and journals). LawNet also provides access to content from other common law jurisdictions such as English case law (the Weekly Law Reports and the Law Reports), Malaysian case law (Malayan Law Journal), Indian case law (Supreme Court Cases), and the convenience of integrated access to primary and secondary legal material from the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) and Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII).

In 2015, LawNet launched its revamped portal with new features and enhanced content. In addition to an enhanced interface, LawNet introduced perpetual personal ids and personal annotations and workspaces, to facilitate the use of the platform in an increasingly mobile world. A new premium content section was also introduced, providing subscribers with specialised material for their legal practice. LawNet Premium includes key Academy Publishing titles, the JustCite Legal citator service, the State Courts’ Sentencing Information & Research Repository (SIR), and Singapore Press Holdings’ Newslink. LawNet continues to enhance its services and content while maintaining its affordable and highly competitive subscription rates, making it an indispensable resource for the legal community.

Beyond Legal Research

LawNet works with Government agencies, vendors and the legal community to plan, design, develop and deliver services that would enhance productivity, increase access to justice and develop capabilities. One example of LawNet’s Public Private Collaborations is the Integrated Legal Requisition system (INTEREQ), a single system which allows conveyancing lawyers to send legal requisitions to multiple government agencies and receive replies.


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