Membership Credit Dollar Scheme

From 2 February 2009, to encourage members to engage in continuing legal education and upgrade their legal knowledge, each SAL member will receive 35 C$ per year upon payment of their SAL annual subscription. Members may use C$ to register for places in SAL seminars, courses, workshops or to acquire books, journals and other publications by the Academy.

  • Redemptions for C$ can be made online at
  • The redemption value of one C$ is S$1.00.
  • Items that are C$ redeemable will be indicated on the SAL website.
  • You may use all or any amount of the available C$ as part of your payment for the transaction.
  • Your C$ is valid from the time it is credited into your account to 31 December of each year.

Find out how to redeem your C$ online, and the terms and conditions for this service. For further assistance, call us at 6332 4388 or email