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A Night with Paul Williams



On 12 November 2016, SAL (in collaboration with Goodwood Park Hotel and the Yellow Ribbon Fund) was proud to present A Night with Paul Williams, a charity dinner concert in support of the YRF-SAL STAR Bursary, which assists financially disadvantaged ex-offenders in affording vocational and skills training. Acclaimed actor, songwriter and performer, Paul Williams, treated guests to a heart-warming evening as he shared deeply about his struggles with addiction and rehabilitation while performing some of his most familiar songs, like An Old Fashioned Love Song, Rainy Days and Mondays, We’ve Only Just Begun and The Rainbow Connection.

We were privileged to have some of our bursary recipients join us for the evening, who were able to meet Paul after his performance at a private meet & greet session where he encouraged them personally.

In addition to table sales and donations prior to the event, a charity auction was also held on the evening which raised more than $30,000, bringing the total sum raised to $202,400. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all who had supported this worthy cause alongside us. The funds raised will make an incredible difference to the additional bursary recipients we are now able to support, all of which would not be possible without your contribution.

"I would like to thank SAL for the invite. As I sat through the concert by Mr Paul Williams, I felt that everyone face their own struggles in life, including Paul Williams himself. But no matter how tough the struggles we face, one day it will be over if we choose not to give up. And when we have overcome the challenges, our stories can be used to encourage people who are facing setbacks in life. Also not forgetting the people who have helped us overcome the struggles, we should one day be the pillar of support towards others too. I want to thank Mr Paul Williams for the inspirational concert. I deeply appreciate the time given to interact and to receive his autographed book."
- Simon (not his real name), a beneficiary of the YRF-SAL STAR Bursary

"Thank you for the invitation to the Paul Williams concert. It was eye-opening to see that there are many people who came for the event in support of the second chance. The speech by Mr Paul Williams was inspiring and moving. One will never know how a story of someone's life experience can impact others. This was by far the most meaningful event I have attended and I am thankful for the opportunity to meet and witness Mr Paul Williams perform."
- Jack (not his real name), a beneficiary of the YRF-SAL STAR Bursary

"It was a privilege to have been invited to the SAL event on the 12th Nov. I am heartened to have received the support of passionate individuals for the YR [Yellow Ribbon] cause. The support has motivated me deeply. This event has also exposed me to an activity that many from my background would not have known or even heard of. Once again I would like to thank the YRF Committee and the SAL for organising this event which I am very honoured to have attended."
- Andy (not his real name), a beneficiary of the YRF-SAL STAR Bursary



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