Technology Law Conference 2015: The Future of Money and Data

The future of technology and its impact on data and funds often conjures up conflicting views - will there be greater access to information and communication resources with advanced technologies such as virtual currencies, the internet of things and smart services being the order of the day, or will there be digital catastrophes and virtual nightmares owing to privacy breaches, mishandling of data, identity thefts and financial vulnerability? More details here.


Singapore Academy of Law Post-Qualification Overseas Attachments 2015-2016

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What I Wish I Knew as a Young Associate
7 May 2015
WSQ Programme - An Introduction to the Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) for Non-Legal Personnel
09 Apr - 10 Apr 2015
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Technology Law Conference 2015: The Future of Money and Data
29 - 30 Jun 2015
SAL Executive Programme: Practical Aspects of Business Valuation for Legal Professionals
27-28 Apr 2015
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eLitigation Training 2015
9, 13-14 Apr 2015

Core Values of an Effective Judiciary

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