L-Leap: Starting, Building and Sustaining a Small Law Firm Practice?

What motivates entrepreneurs to take the road less travelled by? Does such a decision make all the difference in their career and practice? Learn from a distinguished panel of speakers from smaller firms about taking the plunge, strategies they employed in building and sustaining a small law firm practice and more. Click here for more details.




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Christopher Bathurst Essay Prize 2014

Arvindran s/o Manoosegaran, Drew & Napier LLC wins Christopher Bathurst Essay Prize 2014
The winner of the Christopher Bathurst Essay Prize 2014 is Mr Arvindran s/o Manoosegaran from Drew & Napier LLC.  Arvindran won an all-expenses-paid two-week internship at Fountain Court Chambers in London, sponsored by Fountain Court Chambers and the Estate of the 3rd Viscount Bledisloe, and supported by the Academy.  The 2014 essay topic was “Do the benefits of requiring parties to litigation to disclose documents harmful to their own case outweigh the costs involved?”
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