Senate & Committees

Executive Board

Chief Justice Sundaresh MENON President, SAL
Chair, Board of Governors, Asian Business Law Institute
Attorney-General Mr Lucien WONG SC Vice-President, SAL
Judge of Appeal Andrew PHANG Boon Leong Vice-President, SAL and Chair of Legal Publishing & Knowledge Cluster
Judge of Appeal Steven CHONG Vice-President, SAL and Chair of Legal Development Cluster
Mr Adrian TAN Gim Hai President of The Law Society of Singapore
Professor Simon CHESTERMAN Vice-President, SAL and Dean, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Justice Belinda ANG Saw Ean Chair, Board of Singapore Mediation Centre
Justice LEE Seiu Kin Chair, Board of SAL Ventures Ltd. 
Advisor to Legal Technology Cluster
Justice TAN Siong Thye Chair of Corporate Development & Services Cluster
Justice SEE Kee Oon  
Justice Aedit ABDULLAH Chair of Legal Education and Legal Technology clusters