Architecture of Deals: Strategies for Transactional Lawyering

Architecture of Deals: Strategies for Transactional Lawyering

29 January 2019, 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm

Singapore Academy of Law, Stamford 1, #08-08, The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, S179803 

The legal profession is in a state of flux. Rapid digitalisation is transforming the delivery of basic legal services, while lawyers struggle to provide more “value”. In addition to legal expertise, clients are demanding that lawyers be more “commercial”, “practical” and “strategic”. What clients seek are lawyers who are problem-solvers, with deep commercial and business judgment and insight. In the face of these challenges, how can transactional lawyers differentiate themselves?

Traditional educational and training methods – doctrinal and experiential training – leave significant gaps in equipping lawyers with a foundation to develop complex, business-based problem-solving skills. This is particularly true for transactional lawyers whose clients expect lawyers to help them “close deals”, and not simply advise on legal issues.

The speakers-panellists at this seminar will discuss the easy to use, industry-agnostic tool – framework of “private orderings” – to help transactional lawyers accelerate the development of key skills, such as:

  • problem-solving techniques in complex transactional environments
  • commercial acumen and strategic thinking skills
  • deal design structures and strategies
  • problem-solving mindset and approach to legal and commercial problems.

A transactional lawyer can leverage the mental models and strategies in the framework to play a more active role in crafting deals and transactions, and transform from a mere legal expert to a trusted advisor.


05.30PM   Registration
06.00PM   Presentation by Mr Duc V. Trang
06.45PM   Panel Discussion with Mr Duc V.Trang and Associate Professor Andrew Godwin
07.30PM   End

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