Practical Report Writing & Court Room Skills for Expert Witnesses

Practical Report Writing & Court Room Skills for Expert Witnesses

26 February 2019, 5.30 pm - 7.00 pm

Singapore Academy of Law, Stamford 1 & 2, #08-08, The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, S179803 

It is increasingly important for expert witnesses to be confident and competent to provide expert testimony effectively and in compliance with the requirements of the court. This session is designed to develop report writing skills and critical evaluation of reports of litigators, promote excellence in the performance of expert witness by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the rules of the court and of judicial expectations, and improving their ability to operate effectively in courts. 

 Outline :

· Report Writing

· Role of the Witness Expert

· Expert Witness’ responsibilities to his/her client and to the court

· What is the purpose of the Expert's Report?

· What can and what cannot be included or referred to in the Report - Expert or Investigator?

· Clarity and simplicity of language

· Glossary - or not?

· What should go in the Appendices

· Straying outside your expertise

· Supplemental reports

· The role of the legal team


Courtroom Skills :

· Preparation for the Witness Box

· What can you take with you?

· Taking the Oath or Affirming

· Correcting your report

· Addressing the judge and Courtroom Etiquette

· The Golden Rules of giving evidence

· Preparing for cross-examination




05.00PM   Registration
05.30PM   Presentation by Dr Thomas Walford
06.30PM   Q & A
07.00PM   End


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