Professional Advantage Series: Practical Aspects of Business Valuation for Litigation Lawyers

Business Valuation for Litigation Lawyers

1 October 2019
9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Singapore Academy of Law, Padang Room, #08-08, The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, S179803


This is a sequel to the course “Finance for Legal Professionals” which prepares legal professionals with a good intuitive understanding of business valuation.  The subject of business valuation arises frequently in the legal space, particularly in situations related to shareholders’ disputes or the assessment of damages where valuation principles are called upon. Over the last decade, there have been many instances where issues related to the valuation report, process, definitions, approaches, methodologies, parameters and assumptions have been challenged via legal proceedings. Increasingly, litigators and the parties involved are engaging business valuers to provide expert testimonies to assist arbitration tribunals and the courts.

This one-day intensive workshop will prepare litigation lawyers to handle the practical aspects of business valuation.   The workshop will provide an insight into the role of business valuers in the arbitration and litigation setting.  It will cover the valuation standards adopted internationally, valuation context, areas pertaining to the fundamental concepts and principles of valuation as well as the valuation premise and definitions of values used commonly in the financial and corporate world.  It will also cover the valuation approaches/methodologies commonly used to value business and equity, as well as the valuation parameters under the respective approaches.  Additionally, the course will also map out the details of the valuation process adopted by practitioners and the key components of a quality business valuation report.  Last but not least, useful hints and approach on how to effectively cross-examine business valuation expert will be shared.  

Specifically, the course allows participants to understand and explore the various technical issues and practical aspects of business valuation.  The format of this workshop will include a combination of lectures and interactive discussion and analysis of relevant, real cases involving business valuation.  Class size for this course is strictly capped to tutorial group size to enable optimal interaction between participants and the speaker.



Registration Fee

List Fee S$620.60 (inclusive of GST)

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