Organisation: Singapore Academy of Law
Job Description:

Candidates for this position must be highly motivated, tenacious, and self-starters with a track record of building great products in time and on budget.  Experience in building, motivating and driving high performance teams is a plus.


  • Trusted advisor to Executive Director to drive initiatives to meet SAL Ventures strategy on time and within budgets assigned
  • Ensure the alignment of strategy, policy, planning and management of the organisation, including the implementation of the work plan in accordance to Singapore Academy of Law strategic goals
  • Communicate organization goals and operational plans to all levels of the organization and to donors.
  • Assist the Executive Director with strategic planning and coordination of the organization's programs, projects, and policy positions.
  • Manage the organization in the absence of the executive director.
  • Work to secure financial support for SAL Ventures, write grants, run pay-for-service programs, and organize fundraisers.
  • Monitor the overall performance management, quality assurance and change management across the organisation and provide regular inputs and recommendations to ensure its effective implementation and continuous improvement, including ensuring the compliance towards standards, systems and procedures adopted by the Singapore Academy of Law;
  • Ensure effective collaboration and strategic partnership for resource mobilisation with relevant partners in the area of strategic planning, programme development and management, funding and partnership arrangements, as well as communications with partners;
  • Assist the Executive Director in preparation of reports to the Board of SAL Ventures and Executive Board of Singapore Academy of Law
  • Support the Executive Director in the planning and quality assurance of publications and other communications products
  • Comply with the Singapore Academy of Law Rules and Regulations, and Finance and Administration Procedures; and
  • Provide other strategic support and perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.
  • Drive CLICKS @ State Courts

CLICKS @ State Courts

  • Responsible for the successful implementation of CLICKS @ State Courts (Collaborative Law, Innovative Co-creation and Knowledge Sharing) and thereafter the general management and operations of CLICKS @ State Courts.
  • Manage, coordinates, implements, administers and does all work related to CLICKS State Courts which includes but is not limited to:
    • Interactions with State Courts as Strategic Partner and Landlord for CLICKS
    • Procurement of space at State Courts for co-working, meetings and events
    • Procurement of access to facilities at State Courts, including but not limited to, access timing, air-conditioning and car parking
    • Drafting and conclusion of contracts and agreements with State Courts for tenancy of required spaces
    • Preparation and submission of any reports and updates relating to CLICKS required by State Courts
    • Scheduling and management of meetings with State Courts including but not limited to, preparation of agenda and notice, meeting logistics and taking of meeting minutes
    • Interactions with LSPBS and CJC as Strategic Partners for Pro Bono Legal Services for CLICKS
    • Putting in place an effective case distribution system to ensure that law firms who are in CLICKS are equitably allocated pro bono and low bono cases
    • Drafting and conclusion of contracts and agreements with LSPBS and CJC for provision of pro bono legal cases to CLICKS members
    • Preparation and submission of any reports and updates relating to CLICKS required by LSPBS and CJC
    • Scheduling and management of meetings with LSPBS and CJC including but not limited to, preparation of agenda and notice, meeting logistics and taking of meeting minutes
    • Coordination with LSPBS and CJC on any joint events and activities involving CLICKS
    • Interaction with Tenderers for the Design, Build and Operate Tender for CLICKS
    • Design, retrofit and general operations and maintenance of the co-working and other spaces managed by SAL in State Courts;
    • Development and implementation of partner collaboration models;
    • Curation of relevant shared services and technology tools;
    • Interactions with the appointed Commercial Partners for operating CLICKS co-working space and law firm support services
    • Development, implementation and refinement of Standard Operating Procedures to manage all aspects of CLICKS @ State Courts;
    • Liaise with appointed commercial partners to ensure fulfilment of service level agreements
    • Interactions with CLICKS members
    • Developing a CLICKS membership package;
    • Coordination and organisation of activities to promote CLICKS and its objectives including developing marketing plans and materials, and organisation of events;
    • Responsible to follow up on feedback from members of CLICKS community
    • Project Management of CLICKS
    • Develop and manage the budget and funding for CLICKS;
    • Establishment of a reporting framework to track and report achievement of KPIs and Plans in relation to the distribution of pro bono and low bono cases, delivery of the CLICKS Programme and key supporting activities; and
    • Preparation and submission of any reports and updates relating to CLICKS required by government agencies
  • Scheduling and management of meetings including but not limited to, preparation of agenda and notice, meeting logistics and taking of meeting minutes
  • All other work as directed by the Executive Director, SAL Ventures Ltd.
  • Proven track record in successfully
    • managing a Team to achieve performance goals
    • driving programs on-time and within budgets for internal / external stakeholders
  • Polished professionalism with outstanding strategic, organizational, planning (project & finances), communication, and problem solving skills
  • A team player
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
  • Proven track record of exceeding KPIs
  • Proven ability to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Strong metrics and analytical orientation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Drive to continually improve product management skills through on the job coaching, self-learning
  • Fluency in English
  • Background operating in Legal practice will be a plus
How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit your resume, stating your current / expected salary and date of availability to [email protected]

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.