United Nations Convention On Contracts For The International Sale Of Goods

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The Singapore Academy of Law’s Law Reform Committee considered whether Singapore should ratify the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (‘CISG’), which Singapore was a signatory to on 11 April 1980. The Convention aims to provide a fair and uniform regime for contracts for the international sale of goods, thus helping to make such contracts more predictable and reducing transaction costs. The Committee recommended that Singapore should ratify the Convention, with the reservation that it should not be bound by Article 1(1)(b) and that the Convention should apply to contracts of sale only between parties whose places of business are in different contracting states to the Convention. Further, it recommended that the Convention be implemented in domestic law through the enactment of a Sale of Goods (United Nations Convention) Act.

Project status: Completed

  • The report was published in September 1994.
  • Accepting the report’s recommendations, the Government ratified the Convention on 16 February 1995 and implemented the recommendations in the Sale of Goods (United Nations Convention) Act 1995 (No 14 of 1995; now Chapter 283A, 2013 Revised Edition), which was passed on 23 March 1995 and came into force on 1 March 1996.
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