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The Singapore Academy of Law’s Law Reform Committee recommended changes to the Trustees Act (Chapter 337, 1999 Revised Edition; now the 2005 Revised Edition):

  • to introduce an objective standard of care that is applicable to a number of prescribed functions carried out by trustees;
  • to permit trustees to employ nominees and custodians, who are in the business of providing such services, to hold trust property;
  • to allow trustees to insure trust property in a wider set of circumstances and to pay the premiums out of capital as well as trust income; and
  • to allow trustees to be remunerated for services rendered to the trust.


Project status: Completed

  • The report was published on 31 March 2003.
  • Parliament implemented some of the recommendations in the report through the the Trustees (Amendment) Act 2004 (No 45 of 2004), which was passed on 19 October 2004 and came into force on 15 December 2004.
  • The report was cited in the following works:
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