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Take control of your professional learning and development with these tools!

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It’s legal learning made simple!


Use the LIFTED web application at to identify and prioritise your continuing professional development. In ONE platform, choose from a wide range of free and paid seminars, workshops, conferences and even online learning from the following and more: 


• SILE Calendar of Accredited Learning Activities


• SkillsFuture Course Directory


• Singapore Academy of Law


• Law Society of Singapore


• Singapore Corporate Counsel Association


• Law Schools


• Temasek Polytechnic



Reflect using RiSE 

(Review, Select, Enact)


To get most out of the LIFTED App and the learning you pursue guided by it, reflect using these questions:

Review Your Learning Needs


  • Understand  your professional and personal strengths and limitations as you perceive them: what are you good at, what do you need to get better at?

  • Reflect on your professional progression goals: are you undertaking learning to meet immediate CPD requirements or is there a longer-term goal or strategic purpose?

  • Seek feedback from peers and mentors on areas of possible development: what do they perceive as your strengths and limitations, and possibilities for development?

  • Appreciate what your learning preferences are and how to appeal to them and challenge them: do you tend to favour certain types of programmes more than others and is this to your benefit or detriment?

  • Situate past learning experiences and qualifications within your professional development plan so that your future learning can build upon and reinforce your existing capabilities: are you looking to develop baseline skills and knowledge, reinforce existing capabilities, or move into areas of expertise and specialisation?

Select Your Learning Programmes and Formats


  • Prioritise the learning you wish to undertake adopting a balanced approach of meeting short-term needs and long-term goals.

  • Ensure that your priorities support your holistic development of knowledge, skills and other attributes from disciplines and domains within and beyond the law to develop 'T-shaped' competence.

  • Determine your learning budget and time frame - space your learning out so that it is regular and cumulative in its impact on your development.

  • Familiarise yourself with key learning resources such as :

  • Choose from the range of available free and paid, formal and informal, format-appropriate programmes and resources.



Actively participate in the learning you choose to undertake. Then, to facilitate application of learning in the workplace, consolidate and transfer learning by asking and answering the following:

  • What have I learnt?
    Preparing a summary or overview consolidating key learning points at the end of formal learning helps promote retention of learning. Repeating the information or the action is another way of supporting retention of knowledge.
  • So what?
    Organising what was learnt into a unifying 'real-world' context through the use of visual imagery such as diagrams, flowcharts and mind maps helps deepen understanding of what has been learnt and facilitates appreciation of the connections and possibilities for application not realised before.
  • Now what?
    Beyond just retaining learning is the need to be able to apply it and extrapolate from it as actions to meet real-life needs and situations. Reflect on what behaviours, processes and approaches you can change, adopt or implement to give effect to what you have learnt and make a plan to sustain this through a support system of peers and mentors.