Law and Practice of Tribunals in Singapore

Tribunals play a critical role in the administration of justice. They complement the work of the courts by dealing with a variety of matters in specialised areas.

This textbook is the first of its kind in Singapore. It concerns tribunals whose primary function is the determination of disputes: administrative tribunals, tribunals hearing civil claims and professional disciplinary tribunals. This book addresses the nature of tribunals, the legal principles governing tribunals, how tribunal hearings should be conducted, and how tribunals should be managed. It seeks to provide new tribunals with guidance as to the principles on which a tribunal should be set up and run, while providing established tribunals with standards they can aspire to.



Chapter 1           The Nature of Tribunals

A.           Key Points

B.           Jurisdiction and Powers

C.           Nature and Variety of Tribunals in Singapore

D.           Challenging a Tribunal’s Decision

Chapter 2           The Legal Framework

A.           Key Points

B.           Sources of Law

C.           Primary and Subsidiary Legislation

D.           Statutory Interpretation

E.           The Doctrine of Binding Precedent

F.           Res Judicata and Functus Officio

Chapter 3           Procedural Fairness

A.           Key Points

B.           Procedural Fairness

C.           The Hearing Rule

D.           The Bias Rule

Chapter 4           Pre-hearing

A.           Key Points

B.           Preliminary procedures

C.           Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes

D.           Issues in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 5           Hearings

A.           Key Points

B.           Tribunal proceedings

C.           Preparation and Organisation

D.           Procedures and Processes at Hearings

E.           Evidence at Hearings

F.           Evidentiary Issues

Chapter 6           Decision-Making

A.           Key Points

B.           The Decision-Making Process

C.           Reasons

D.           Costs and Disbursements

E.           Finality of Tribunals’ Decisions

Chapter 7           Post-hearing

A.           Key Points

B.           Modes of Enforcement

C.           Post-Hearing Requests

Chapter 8           Communication

A.           Key Points

B.           Communication and Plain Language

C.           Dealing with the Media

Chapter 9           Case Management

A.           Key points

B.           Introduction

C.           Models of Case Management

D.           Elements of Successful Case Management Programmes

Chapter 10         Conduct of Tribunal Members

A.           Key points

B.           Importance of Good Behaviour

C.           Conduct Guides

D.           Professional Development

E.           Complaints, Discipline and Removal

Appendix A       List of Tribunals

Appendix B         Best Practices for Tribunals



Senior District Judge Bala Reddy

Contributing Editor

District Judge Jill Tan



Regina Lim

Wong Thai Chuan

Yan Jiakang



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Oct 2019

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