SAL Conference 2011: Developments in Singapore Law between 2006 and 2010 – Trends and Perspectives

The Singapore Academy of Law Conference: Developments in Singapore Law (“SAL Conference”) is a continuing series of five-yearly conferences reviewing the developments in Singapore law. The SAL Conference 2011, held in February 2011, marked the fourth in the series, and continued the tradition of bringing together Singapore’s most eminent practitioners and academics to present papers on a wide range of practice areas of law.  

This book comprises the papers that were delivered at the SAL Conference 2011, which critically examined and evaluated significant local case law and legislation over the five-year period from 2006 to 2010 and were revised for publication to provide a concise yet comprehensive review with detailed references.  

It serves as an invaluable reference for both the experienced practitioner and the newly-qualified or foreign lawyer who wants a briefing on recent developments in the various areas of law. It is also a useful resource for academics and students interested in the development of Singapore law.


Arbitration Law and Practice

  • Recent Singapore Decisions and Trends in the Arbitration World
  • Egregious Errors and Public Policy – Are the Singapore Courts too Arbitration Friendly?

Contract Law

  • Singapore Contract Law in an Interdependent World of Commerce – The Example of the Convention on the International Sale of Goods
  • Singapore Contract Law – Themes from 2006–2010

Civil Procedure

  • Procedure’s Multi-faceted Relationship with Substantive Law – Not a “Mistress”; nor a “Handmaid”

Criminal Law and Procedure

  • Criminal Law and Procedure – The Evolution of the Supreme Court’s Attitudes to Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice in the Chan Court – Change, Contestation and Conservatism in the Court of Appeal

Family Law

  • Matrimonial Asset Division: The Art of Achieving a Just and Equitable Result – A Review of High Court and Court of Appeal Cases from 2005–2010
  • Parental Responsibility as the Core Principle in Legal Regulation of the Parent-child Relationship
  • Marriage Produces a Husband and a Wife – The Law on Void and Voidable Marriages and the Legal Regulation of the Husband and Wife Relationship

Tort Law

  • The Common Law of Defamation in Singapore – Recent Developments
  • Economic Torts – The Torts that Lacked their Atkin
  • Negligence and the Limits of Responsibility

Intellectual Property Law

  • Developments in Singapore Trade Mark Law 2006–2010 – Confusion-based Protection and Beyond
  • Developments in Patent Law over the Past Five Years (2006–2010)
  • Copyright 2006–2010 – A Return to Basic Principles and Issues

Land Law

  • Conflict in Land Law Jurisprudence: Selected Issues I – Co-ownership and Collective Sales
  • Conflict in Land Law Jurisprudence: Selected Issues II

Conflict of Laws

  • The Conflict of Laws – Themes, Fundamentals and Obstacles

Administrative Law

  • Judicial Scrutiny of the Exercise of Discretionary Power
  • The Theory and Practice of Judicial Review of  Administrative Action in Singapore – Trends and Perspectives

Corporations Law

  • Legal Developments in Singapore Relating to Companies
  • Of Directors and “Mouldable” Duties
  • Quasi-partnership and Minority Oppression
  • Form or Substance: Construction or Characterisation?


Yeo Tiong Min, Hans Tjio, Tang Hang Wu (General Editors)



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