SAL Journal 2018 Special Issue (Children in family Law : Changes and Challenges)

This issue features articles on:

(a)        universal ethical issues and many additional requirements imposed by the family law jurisdiction;

(b)        the different types of surrogacy and regulatory approaches taken by states, and some of the ethical and legal concerns arising out of surrogacy;

(c)        the evolution of adoption law and practice in Australia and the need to safeguard the welfare of all adopted children;

(d)         the prevalence and incidence of shared-time parenting arrangements;

(e)         corporal punishment of children and what Singapore and international law has to say about the use of punitive force on children by parents;

(f)          how mediation has been successfully used to resolve child abduction issues for Hague and non-Hague Convention countries;

(g)         how family justice may be traced to our substantive law regulating spousal and parental behaviour dating back to the very enactment of the                        Women’s Charter in 1961;

(h)         the evolution of innovations, initiatives and programmes of family justice courts over time;

(i)           child protection laws and legal processes in child protection cases;

(j)           the historical cases which exposed the conundrum in the area of jurisdiction over Muslim children in custody cases and the manner in which the                courts and the legislation handled such problems; and

(k)         the scientific, ethical, diagnostic and legal issues related to parental alienation syndrome.


1. Introduction

2. Ethics in Family Law – Beyond Legal Principles and into Value Judgments

3. Sleepwalking through the Minefield: Legal and Ethical Issues in Surrogacy

4. Adoption Law and Practice in Australia – Safeguarding Children from Exploitation

5. Law Reform for Shared-Time Parenting after Separation: Reflections from Australia

6. Corporal Punishment of Children by Parents: Is It Discipline or Violence and Abuse?

7. Mediation to Resolve Child Abduction Issues for Hague and Non-Hague Convention Countries: A Personal Account of the Author’s Experience in Legal Practice

8. From Substantive Law towards Family Justice for the Child in Divorce Proceedings in Singapore

9. Family Justice Courts – Innovations, Initiatives and Programmes – An Evolution over Time

10. Child Protection Cases – Engagement, Involvement, Empowerment – “It’s How You Make Them Feel”

11. Custody Issues – Differences and Similarities between Civil and Syariah Courts in Singapore

12. Parental Alienation Syndrome: Is It Valid?


Articles by

1. Malathi Das Lim Hui Min

2. Professor the Honourable Nahum 
Mushin AM

3. The Honourable Chief Justice John 

4. Judge Geoffrey Monahan & Jennifer Hyatt

5. Elizabeth Keogh, Bruce Smyth & Alexander Masardo

6. Chan Wing Cheong

7. The Right Honourable Sir Mathew 

8. Leong Wai Kum

9. District Judge Kevin 
Ng, District Judge Yarni Loi, Sophia Ang & Sylvia Tan

10. Carmelia NathenLee Yoke Wen, Lim Hui Min & Rachel Gan

11. Ahmad Nizam Abbas

12. Jennifer Teoh, Grace S Chng Chi Meng Chu



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Sep 2018

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