SAL-INSEAD Law Firm Leadership Programme

Leadership Programme



Globalisation and the economic shift to Asia has resulted in significant new opportunities for law firms operating in this region. At the same time, partners in these law firms are facing increased challenges including cost pressures, growing competition and talent retention issues. In this changing legal landscape, law firm partners must complement their technical legal expertise with business acumen and a clear strategy to manage these challenges and seize emerging growth opportunities.

The SAL-INSEAD Law Firm Leadership Programme is a three-day intensive management programme specifically designed and contextualised to address the needs of law firm partners. This unique programme applies business school methodologies to address business challenges faced by law firm partners including strategic planning, improving organisational alignment, managing growth and change, and motivating people and teams.

This event qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.


  • 21st century law practices: Build agile and sustainable law practices
  • Change managment: Seize emerging opportunities in a rapidly changing global economy
  • Embracing leadership: Assess and improve your capabilities as a team leader
  • Team dynamics: Explore best practices for building and leading productive teams
  • People management: Improve on your ability to motivate teams
  • Facing challenges: Overcome obstacles that stand in the way of effective management and leadership


The SAL-INSEAD Law Firm Leadership Programme (SILLP) is a bespoke executive management programme tailored for law firm partners who have, or are going to, assume P&L responsibilities and management roles in their firms.

Participants will thus include partners of law firms operating in the Asia-Pacific region. These are professionals who currently have, or are going to assume, management roles as well as profit and loss responsibilities within their law firms. To ensure an optimal learning environment, the cohort size will be limited to 40 participants.


"Enlightened leadership is necessary for law firms to thrive in the rapidly changing legal market and meet the challenges of tomorrow. With engaging lectures on leadership, strategy and process management for law firms, this course is a must for every managing partner."

Kai-Niklas Schneider
Managing Partner,
Clifford Chance, Singapore
SILLP Alumnus 2016

"When I started my law firm Ann Tan & Associates in 1984, I wanted to establish a small boutique family law firm. So I thought nothing much about it and proceeded to give it my best. After attending the SILLP II, I learnt - amongst many interesting concepts - that I had a legacy to leave behind. What a valuable realization that was! It gave me a boost and renewed energy to want to pass on the legacy instead of just closing down."

Anamah Tan
Managing Partner, Ann Tan & Associates, Singapore,
SILLP II Alumnus 2017