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Building and Construction Law — Specialist Accreditation certificate presentation

24 January 2018 — The first cohort of Accredited and Senior Accredited Specialists in Building and Construction Law were presented with the Certificate of Specialist Accreditation by Justice Quentin Loh, Chair of the Specialist Accreditation Board (SAB), at a ceremony held on 22 January 2018 at the Supreme Court. Also present to witness the proceedings were the other members of the SAB and the Selection Panel of the 2017 Building and Construction accreditation programme. The occasion gave the specialists a chance to mingle and celebrate their achievement together.

Accredited Specialists with the SAB members Senior Accredited Specialists with the SAB members
Accredited Specialists with the SAB members (l-r): Goh Wanjing, Candy Sutedja,
Lydia Yahaya, Charmelia Sugianto, Lee Kim Shin SC (member, SAB), Allen Choong,
Justice Quentin Loh (Chair, SAB), Conrad Campos, Joan Janssen (member, SAB),
Ang Wee Jian, Gregory Vijayendran (member, SAB), Avinash Pradhan, Joanna Seetoh,
Gina Tan, Laura Chang. Absent: Lee Eng Beng (member, SAB)
Senior Accredited Specialists with the SAB members (l-r): Soh Lip San, Raymond Chan,
Eugene Tan, Ian de Vaz, Chong Yee Leong, Lee Kim Shin SC (member, SAB), Naresh Mahtani,
Justice Quentin Loh (Chair, SAB), Christopher Chuah, Joan Janssen (member, SAB),
Alex Wong, Gregory Vijayendran (member, SAB), Paul Sandosham, Ng Kim Beng, Edwin Lee. 
Absent: Ho Chien Mien, Mohan Pillay, Lee Eng Beng (member, SAB)

Maritime and Shipping Law offered under the Scheme

08 January 2018 — The Specialist Accreditation Scheme sees the inclusion of Maritime and Shipping Law in the 2018 accreditation programme. The accreditation framework follows closely that of Building and Construction Law. The paper detailing the framework can be downloaded here.

2018 applications for accreditation are now open

08 January 2018 — Legal practitioners with least 5 years’ PQE may now apply to be an Accredited Specialist in:


Applications for Senior Accredited Specialist, for legal practitioners with at least 10 years' PQE, for these two practice areas open on 1 July 2018.

Building and Construction Law — Newly accredited specialists

08 January 2018 — After an assessment process that lasted most of 2017, 11 of our young legal practitioners are now Accredited Specialists, while 13 senior members of the Bar have been recognised as Senior Accredited Specialists, in Building and Construction Law. SAL congratulates all successful candidates.

The directory of specialists can be found here.


The Singapore Academy of Law's Specialist Accreditation Scheme (the "Scheme") confers recognition of a legal practitioner's expertise and experience in a specialised area of law. It is an assessment process which requires a legal practitioner to show evidence of his or her knowledge and expertise in their chosen area of specialisation. Specialist accreditation is a voluntary and an individual endeavour.

The Scheme's purpose is to:

  • recognise the high level of proficiency of legal practitioners in their chosen practice area and promote continued personal professional development and improvement
  • incentivise younger legal practitioners to hone their skills and knowledge
  • provide the legal industry and general public with a reliable means of identifying and accessing legal practitioners who have proven themselves as possessing the requisite skills and knowledge in a practice area
  • promote continued development and improvement of standards, quality and delivery of legal services


The Scheme aims to build an exhaustive directory of Accredited Specialists and Senior Accredited Specialists for the benefit of users of legal services.

To gain a better understanding of the Scheme’s framework, the Specialist Accreditation Scheme paper can be downloaded here.

Legal practitioners interested in being accredited may apply to be:


  • An Accredited Specialist (for legal practitioners with more than 5 year's PQE) OR
  • A Senior Accredited Specialist (for legal practitioners with more than 10 year's PQE)


For 2018, specialist accreditation is offered for the following practice areas: