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The annual event paid tribute to the longstanding champion for excellence and quality in legal publishing.


Members of the legal publishing community gathered on 29 February for IMPRINTS 2024, where they celebrated their collective contributions and achievements.

The event’s distinct garden theme was inspired by the Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower that embodies traits like resilience, vibrancy and hardiness; qualities that Academy Publishing also exemplifies, said Justice Goh Yihan, co-chair of SAL's Legal Research and Publications Committee and Chair of SAL's Commissioning Advisory Panel. 

Yesterday’s proceedings were also an opportunity for members to pay tribute to a tireless advocate for quality legal writing and publishing, and a significant contributor to the sizeable corpus of legal jurisprudence herself, Justice Judith Prakash.

In his opening address, Justice Kannan Ramesh, Chair of SAL's Legal Research and Publications Committee, charted Justice Prakash’s many achievements, but honed in on her contributions to the development of Academy Publishing and more specifically, its growing repertoire of journals.

“Academy Publishing is fortunate that she agreed to contribute. Her mark is everywhere. What a difference she has made. We are indebted,” he said, presenting her with a token of appreciation for her innumerable contributions.

With her retirement, Justice Prakash will step down as the Chair of the Journals Advisory Committee, passing the baton to Justice Debbie Ong. But the team will continue to benefit from her wise counsel as she has generously agreed to remain a member of the Committee.

In parting, Justice Ramesh said: “We celebrate an extraordinary jurist, a history maker, a class act and a truly wonderful human being. Singapore is fortunate that she said yes when Chief Justice Yong [Pung How] asked. ... It is my privilege to say, on behalf of everyone here this evening, an enormous thank you to Justice Prakash for her years of service and for everything she has done.”

Guests left the event with a gift to remember: a botanical orchid tea inspired by none other than the home of Vanda Miss Joaquim, the Singapore National Orchid Garden:


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