[Webinar] Digital Finance, Crypto Assets and Payment Regulations: Keeping up with the waves of change
[Webinar] Digital Finance, Crypto Assets and Payment Regulations: Keeping up with the waves of change
28 Jan 2021, 4.30pm - 6.00pm

[Webinar] Digital Finance, Crypto Assets and Payment Regulations: Keeping up with the waves of change

28 January 2021, 4.30pm - 6.00pm


Technology is transforming finance at a pace previously unseen and unheard of, and today’s FinTech market has particularly been characterised by a period of significant growth. Participants in the FinTech space continue to focus on taking the friction out of existing processes, harnessing data and unlocking and enhancing financial services offerings to consumers. Banks are increasingly going digital, and with the introduction of digital banks across all major financial centres, there is no doubt that technological innovation will continue to drive change in the financial services sector.
This upward trajectory of the FinTech space has resulted in regulators across the globe relooking regulatory frameworks, attempting to balance the need to facilitate digital innovation in the interest of consumers and market efficiency, while at the same time ensuring that there is financial stability and appropriate levels of consumer and investor protection. Ensuring strong governance into how data is used, and protected, is also core in ensuring continued consumer confidence in the financial system.
This webinar seeks to discuss Singapore’s approach in these areas, and will touch on the following aspects:

  • Key regulatory developments in the digital banking, payments and crypto assets space;
  • Commercial and legal issues for big data, including data ownership, its use for commercial purposes, data protection and liability;
  • Legislative proposals to introduce regulation of crypto-assets and virtual asset service providers in Singapore, and compare the approach against that proposed in the EU and UK; and 
  • Recent proposals to address the challenges and risks of digital transformation, including in Singapore, and how they stack up against the framework in the EU and UK.



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  • Kwok Shuhui, Counsel, Allen & Overy
  • Cedric Lindenmann, Senior Associate, Allen & Overy (Brussels)
  • Nikki Johnstone, Senior Associate, Allen & Overy (London)


Panel Discussion and Q&A




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