Generative AI: Impact on Law and Society


Generative AI: Impact on Law and Society
3 July 2023 | 3.30pm - 6.00pm SGT | In Person
SAL, Stamford 1 & 2, The Adelphi #08-08, 1 Coleman Street (S179803)


It is not an exaggeration to say that generative AI systems have taken the world by storm, and that their advent has supercharged global discourse on AI ethics, governance and regulation. Beyond regulating AI systems, governments, policymakers, regulators, practitioners and academics are also now confronting broader questions about the impact of AI on society at large, such as the impact of AI on jobs, inequality, societal trust and geopolitical rivalry. 

Yet, how much about generative AI is truly game-changing, and how much is just heat and noise? Are our legal systems and regulatory frameworks still fit for purpose or are they in danger of being overrun? Is an incremental approach to regulating AI systems still appropriate, or is wholesale change needed?

This event, comprising key legal stakeholders and data and digital economy specialists, aims to take a serious deep-dive into these questions. It aims to elicit thoughtful questions — and while complete answers are not expected, it is hoped that the discussion will cut through some of the noise, clarify thinking, and identify concrete, pragmatic and frank approaches forward.

We expect the session to cover:

  • Legal issues posed by generative AI systems from practitioners’ perspectives;
  • Whether regulatory frameworks presently relevant to AI systems (e.g. laws on data protection, privacy, cybersecurity, content moderation, and online harms) remain relevant and fit-for-purpose, or is there a need for introduce new AI-specific regulations; and
  • What can Singapore do to address the impact of AI on larger societal questions, such as jobs and employment, education, manipulation and trust.





Welcome remarks by Justice Aedit Abdullah


Presentation by Pavan Singh Wasan, Director of Engineering - AI Programme Office, IMDA


Panel Discussion / Roundtable Discussion


Reception and Networking




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