Insights into Cross-Examination: Factual and Expert Witnesses
Insights into Cross-Examination: Factual and Expert Witnesses
[17 November, 4.30pm - 6pm] General Cross-Examination
[18 November, 4.30pm - 6pm] Cross-Examination of Experts

Insights into Cross-Examination: Factual and Expert Witnesses


What are your duties as an officer of the court or as an independent expert to assist the court in the administration of justice? What are the expectations of the Bench? The Professional Development and Practice Chapter of SAL’s Professional Affairs Committee is organising these judge-led sessions on litigation, and this year’s focus is on cross-examination. 

Hear from the Honourable Judge of Appeal Steven Chong and the Honourable Justice Vinodh Coomaraswamy (both of whom had extensive practical trial experience before they were elevated to the Bench), who will share their experiences from practice and their expectations in Court. Listen to seasoned Senior Counsel Mr Tan Chee Meng and  Mr N. Sreenivasan who will share their insights on court craft for cross-examination. Further, hear from a younger litigator speak about the difficulties he has encountered in this area. 

These sessions are for the experienced lawyer who needs a refresher, and also for a young lawyer learning the ropes for effective cross-examination: strategies, preparatory work and tips; what interests the judges; how to frame leading questions; how not to cross the line between witness preparation and witness coaching; handling meandering and dogmatic witnesses; ethical and integrity issues; patience and fairness; impeachment; and use of Scott Schedules, etc.


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17 November 2020
4.30pm - 6.00pm
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General Cross-Examination

During this session, the speakers will share their perspectives on how an effective cross-examination of witnesses in a trial should be conducted.  Through examples, the speakers will share the dos and don’ts of cross examination and how lawyers can elicit the evidence they require to prove their case. Tips on how to improve the cross-examination skills of the lawyers and the expectations the Bench has from lawyers during cross-examination of witnesses will be discussed.

Justice Vinodh Coomaraswamy, Supreme Court of Singapore
Mr Sreenivasan Narayanan SC, K&L Gates Straits Law 
Mr Remy Choo, Peter Low & Choo


18 November 2020
4.30pm - 6.00pm
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Cross-Examination of Experts

The role of expert witnesses is to provide independent assistance to the court, and not to advocate the client’s case. The approach to the examination of experts is therefore different from that for factual witnesses. Counsel cross-examining an expert will have to be thoroughly prepared, not least because he/she is treading into an area where the expert will be far more knowledgeable. This session will discuss the dos and don’ts in the cross-examination of expert witnesses.

Judge of Appeal Steven Chong, Supreme Court of Singapore
Mr Tan Chee Meng SC, WongPartnership



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