Just I.T. It!
Just I.T. It!
16 December 2020 | 4.10pm - 5pm


Technology has caused tremendous changes in the way law firms are run. There was a time when a letter would take days to reach its destination. A response would invariably come days later. Not too long ago telexes were the only form of urgent communication. Then the fax machines came and, with them, the long afternoon tea became extinct. When everyone thought that communications could not get faster than that, the scourge known as e-mails arrived! At the same time, whilst one might still need to travel to the High Court to read the law reports (other than those who have the ability to have them in their own offices), research became easier. Drafting of documents also became easier.

Now, because of Covid-19, working from home has become a necessity. Law firms must harness all that is technologically available to make practice efficient or face the inevitability of being left behind in the wake of tech-savvy counterparts. Technology, however, can be costly to adopt. Smaller law firms could likely be disadvantaged.

This presentation tries to make sure that those who want to adopt technological advancements can do so with the lowest cost and also be able to utilise all the subsidies available. We hope practitioners in smaller law firms will join us for this informative session.


As more industries in every sector – and legal services are not exempted – turn to technology to take their businesses to the next level, it is now more crucial than ever that law firms adopt technology appropriate to their needs to survive and prosper during these disruptive times.

Understanding that security and scalability are key concerns of most smaller law firms, the Small Law Firms Chapter of SAL’s Professional Affairs Committee invites you to join us for an informative session on I.T. concerns about infrastructure, storage, firewalls, tech resource management models and the costs involved.


Speaker: Mr Michael Ng,  Strategic Alliance Manager, Fixics Solutions

Date/ Time: 16 December 2020 (4.10pm - 5pm)

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Please note that this session does not carry any CPD points.