About us

LawNet Technology Services (LTS) is the technology company behind LawNet, Singapore’s leading portal for legal research, information and transactions. An indispensable tool for the legal community since 1990, LawNet is subscribed by a majority of Singapore lawyers and is also accessible by anyone outside the profession. Users can conduct research on Singapore primary legal materials (Singapore Law Reports, unreported judgments and legislation) and secondary materials (such as Parliamentary reports, legal news, textbooks and journals). LawNet continues to enhance its services and content while maintaining its affordable and highly competitive subscription rates, making it an essential resource for the legal community.

LTS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), a promotion and development agency for Singapore’s legal industry. In addition to running LawNet, LTS manages the technology driving SAL’s support services for Singapore’s legal industry and statutory functions such as stakeholding services and appointment of Senior Counsel, Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public.

Led by a Board of Directors who understands both the capabilities of technology and the needs of the legal profession, LTS continues to develop bold and innovative products and services that will better serve the needs of the legal community.


  • Design and develop JavaScript applications with advanced React.js and related technologies such as Redux;
  • Craft great experiences for users, and quality code that is robust and maintainable;
  • Integrate applications with SAL’s Identity & Access Management systems to drive the adoption of an SSO experience for our customers;
  • Demonstrate high quality skills, perspective and initiative to help drive our teams and products through launch cycles – particularly by balancing good engineering with launch commitments;
  • Work with a remote cross-functional team comfortably and with high-productivity;
  • Champion continuous improvement to the quality of solutions delivery using agile practices;
  • Work with a remote cross-functional team comfortably and with high-productivity;

Skills and Qualifications

  • Highly proficient in JavaScript, backed by significant hands-on experience designing and developing in React.js, Redux (4+ years preferred)
  • Seasoned and current with CSS, HTML and design systems, with both skill and passion for translating designs into high quality user experiences
  • Experience developing user interfaces in consideration of SEO, user analytics and responsive designs
  • Familiar with cloud-native system design and modern authorisation/authentication mechanisms (particularly JWT), to be able to troubleshoot independently and advise on best practices
  • Passionate about good engineering practices and processes – from code quality, productivity and performance optimisation, to automated testing and continuous integration/delivery

Interested candidates are invited to apply here.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.