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Grant Herbert

Professional services leadership academy


Mr Grant Herbert
Global Managing Partner - Professional Services Leadership Academy 

Describing himself as an ordinary guy with an outstanding wife and 5 amazing kids, Grant has a passionate message to share about being authentic and living the best life you were created to live.

By using experience from his own journey of imperfection, he has empowered thousands of lawyers to escape the performance trap, cut themselves some slack, learn from their experiences and enjoy success in being whoever they are called to be in every area of their life. His Professional Services Leadership™ programs help lawyers and other legal professionals to develop the crucial personal, professional and people leadership skills that are not taught at university.

With over 37 years as a leadership trainer and coach, Grant has learned that the key to developing others is to first help them replace the mindsets and behaviours that are currently sabotaging their results. Once that platform is built, they actually implement what he teaches them. This ensures a high ROI. Whether it is in the corporate boardroom, the business seminar or the training room, he will inspire in you a desire to change and then show you how to do so. In his own authentic yet powerful way, he guides you through your surface story into the real issues hidden below.

As an inspirational trainer, Grant helps everyone to recognise the mindsets and behaviours that are sabotaging business and personal goals. As a leadership mentor and executive coach, he helps professionals to reduce stress and conflict, to increase productivity and profitability, by increasing social and emotional intelligence and people leadership capabilities. Grant creates an environment where participants make positive change in the room and beyond.