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Sentencing Conference 2014 – Trends, Tools and Technology

 Today, 338 judges, prosecutors, lawyers and other criminal justice stakeholders involved in the sentencing of offenders participated in the Sentencing Conference 2014– Trends, Tools and Technology. The two-day programme examines the latest sentencing trends as well as developments in sentencing tools and technology.

Participants from six countries attended the Conference, which is held at the Supreme Court Auditorium from 9 to 10 October 2014. The local speakers included The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon and Judges of the Supreme Court of Singapore. Foreign speakers included The Honourable Sir Anthony Hooper, retired Judge of Appeal, England and Wales and The Honourable the Chief Justice Wayne Stewart Martin AC, Supreme Court of Western Australia. The speakers shared with the participants their perspectives in various capacities, i.e. as members of the Bench, the criminal bar, the prosecution, and agencies in charge of rehabilitation of offenders. Some of the topics covered were: “The Art of Sentencing – An Appellate Court Perspective”, “After Sentence is Passed – Restoration & Rehabilitation” and “Recent developments in Sentencing Law and Practice”.

In his opening address delivered on 9 October 2014, The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon said: “The task of sentencing an offender justly is a complex exercise. It is a question that concerns not only the courts but all the stakeholders in the criminal justice system. With the assistance of the Prosecution and the Defence Bar, the courts can expect to be well-placed to discharge their function of imposing the just and appropriate sentence for each case. But the system would be enhanced if the stakeholders kept firmly in mind the goal of ensuring that after the sentence has been served, exoffenders must be re-integrated into mainstream society….”

Two participants shared their thoughts on the programme:

“I'm struck by the commonality of the issues which we confront in our respective jurisdictions and how much we could learn from one another.” ~Chief Justice Wayne Stewart Martin, Supreme Court of Western Australia.

"This is the first sentencing conference of its kind in Singapore. It's a wonderful innovation to bring people from different parts of the legal system, as well people from the region discussing similar problems. It's important for us to obtain a wider perspective of what we do and tend take for granted, because everyone tends to have a solipsistic view of their system. So it's important that we learn from each other." ~Professor Arie Freiberg, Chairman, Sentencing Advisory Council, Victoria, Australia.

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