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The Toa Payoh Ritual Murders 40 Years On:
The Judiciary Remembers


Delving into unpublished oral
history accounts, we revisit the trial.
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The Toa Payoh Ritual Murders 40 Years
On (Part 2)


The psychiatric defence failed but could there
have been a different outcome?
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A Class Act: From Chalk
to Transparencies


Professor Tan Sook Yee recalls her time at
NUS Law as lecturer and administrator.
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Hold My Hand Till the End


After the trials have ended and the death sentence passed, what happens to prisoners on death row?

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Veteran Trials


For veteran lawyers Mr TPB Menon and Mr Sat Pal Khattar, it did not take a global pandemic to turn their lives upside down.

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How Singapore's First Law Faculty Came to Be


SAL takes a look at the history of Singapore’s law faculty which took root at the then-University of Malaya

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The Slips of Paper that Kept A Profession on Track


Analogue methods of legal research hold a certain
nostalgia for senior members of the profession.

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Remembering the Robinson's Fire


The Robinson's Fire, as remembered by
those in the law firms nearby. 

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The Long Road to LawNet, as Told by Charles Lim


A history of LawNet, from its ideation to
widespread adoption.

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