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War Crimes Trial in Singapore

Indicted Japanese war criminals entering the dock in the Singapore Supreme Court, 1946.
Courtesy of the National Museum of Singapore, National Heritage Board

The Singapore War Crimes Portal

The Second World War irrevocably changed the course of history and the lives of survivors. Its lessons continue to be relevant today.

This project aims to further public understanding on the historic war crimes trials implemented after the war in Singapore. In the 131 war crimes trials held in Singapore over 400 defendants associated with the Japanese military were tried, and hundreds of Asian and Allied witnesses came forward to testify. The Singapore War Crimes Trials Web Portal makes information about these trials accessible to the public. The web portal contains individual case summaries, data on trial participants, and trial background information. It aims to be interactive, user-friendly, and will be updated as research in this area evolves. The portal also points to additional resources for those interested in learning more. Visit the portal here.

The Singapore Academy of Law is proud to support this project coordinated by Dr Cheah Wui Ling and Ms Ng Pei Yi.