The Singapore Advocate & Solicitor Pin


At the 2023 Mass Call ceremony, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon introduced the Singapore Advocate & Solicitor pin, saying, “This pin serves not only to identify the wearer as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore, but also serves as a reminder of our obligation to uphold the high standards and ethics of this noble profession. I hope you will wear it with honour and a profound sense of service whenever you discharge your duties as an officer of the court.” 


Since then, all persons admitted into the Roll of Advocates & Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore are presented with their own pin. The Singapore Advocate & Solicitor pin is given only once to each individual upon being called.


Wearing the Pin



The Singapore Advocate & Solicitor pin should be worn whenever you are performing your duties as a Singapore lawyer or legal professional, including but not limited to:

-          Attendance in Court, including in adjudication and mediation sessions;

-          Meetings with clients and other lawyers in the course of business;

-          Attending continuing legal education programmes and conferences; and

-          Participating in events organised by the Singapore Courts, Ministry of Law, Singapore Academy of Law, Law Society of Singapore, Singapore Corporate Counsel Association, Singapore Institute of Legal Education or at any other event or occasion where one is representing the legal profession of Singapore, including while overseas.


Collecting your Pin

All lawyers called to the Singapore Bar will be issued the Advocate & Solicitor pin. SAL will distribute the pin in batches to those called before 2023. 

Please lookout for the email from SAL. You may contact [email protected] with your AAS number to enquire on the status of your pin.