Right of Appeal against International Arbitration Awards on Questions of Law

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About the project

The Singapore Academy of Law’s Law Reform Committee (‘LRC’) considered whether Singapore should provide a limited right of appeal against international arbitration awards on questions of law, without the need for parties to opt for the Arbitration Act (AA) to apply. 

Report Recommendations

In its report, the LRC recommends that:

  • Such a limited right of appeal should be allowed where parties agree to such an appeal;
  • the right should be made available through amendment of the International Arbitration Act, and should be designed as an ‘opt-in’ right; and
  • the right, including the relevant standard of review, should mirror the equivalent right currently available in the AA, but modified to provide that a) leave of court must be obtained for any appeal, and b) “questions of law” includes questions of Singaporean law or international law, but not foreign law.

Suggested legislative provisions to give effect to these recommendations are included as an Appendix to the report.

Project status: Completed

  • The report was published in February 2020.
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Areas of law

 Arbitration law
Civil procedure


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Last updated 28 February 2020


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