OUT OF PRINT : SAL Journal September 2015

This issue discusses the following topics

(a) workplace harassment and the principles that apply to damages awarded;
(b) board diversity, independent directors and better governance;
(c) anti-suit injunctions and its relationship with breach of agreements or unconscionable conduct;
(d) methods and tools that small market economies can employ to achieve optimal benefits from merger control laws;
(e) equitable rectification and the Evidence Act;
(f) court’s power to grant anti-suit injunctions contrary to the design of the UNCITRAL Model Law;
(g) legal and theoretical foundations for composition and recent amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code and its effect on composition;
(h) low damages awards in IP cases and their reflection of the value that society places on innovation and creativity;
(i) the law on the deductibility of borrowing costs and the borrowing costs on working capital loans;
(j) company law principles underlying and the policy rationales for the notice requirement for statutory derivative actions;
(k) civil-criminal dichotomy in contempt of court;
(l) validity of arbitration agreements, jurisdiction and the UNCITRAL Model Law; and
(m) goodwill in passing off and exceptions.

Lectures by
1. The Right Honourable Lord Dyson

Articles by
1. Ravi Chandran
2. Chia Yaru
3. Chng Wei Yao Kenny
4. Lynette Chua Xin Hui
5. Goh Yihan
6. Michelle Lee
7. Ryan David Lim & Selene Yap
8. David Llewelyn
9. Justin Jerzy Tan
10. Ronald J J Wong & Jeremy Yeo Wen An
11. Zhuang WenXiong

Comments and Case Notes by
1. Nicholas Poon
2. Saw Cheng Lim

Book Reviews by
1. The Honourable Justice Choo Han Teck


1. Singapore Academy of Law Distinguished Speaker Series Lecture 2014 – “The Limits of the Common Law”

1. Workplace Harassment – Persons Liable and Damages Payable under the Protection from Harassment Act 2014
2. Board Diversity in Singapore
3. Breach of Agreement versus Vexatious, Oppressive and Unconscionable Conduct – Clarifying their Relationship in the Law of Anti-Suit Injunctions
4. Merger Control in Small Market Economies
5. Clarifying Rectification in Singapore
6. Anti-Suit Injunctions in Aid of International Arbitrations – A Rethink for Singapore
7. Composition – Legal and Theoretical Foundations
8. Assessment of Damages in Intellectual Property Cases – Some Recent Examples of “the Exercise of a Sound Imagination and the Practice of a Broad Axe”?
9. A Big, Frustrating Conundrum: Reflections on Singapore’s Deduction Regime for Interest and Other Borrowing Costs following BFC v CIT
10. Rationalising the Notice Requirement for Statutory Derivative Actions – Comparing Singapore and Canadian Perspectives
11. Rethinking the Dichotomy between Civil and Criminal Contempt of Court

Comments and Case Notes
1. The Titanic Battle for Jurisdiction to Determine the Validity of Arbitration Agreements in Applications for Stay of Court Proceedings: The Titan Unity [2013] SGHCR 28
2. Goodwill Hunting in Passing Off – England Retains the “Hard Line” for NOW: Starbucks (HK) Ltd v British Sky Broadcasting Group plc [2015] WLR 2628; [2015] UKSC 31

Book Reviews
1. Jill Elaine Hasday, Family Law Reimagined (Harvard University Press, 2014)


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