Senate & Committees

Pursuant to section 5 of the Singapore Academy of Law Act, the management of the affairs of SAL and of its properties are vested in the Senate.


Chief Justice Sundaresh MENON President
Attorney-General Mr Lucien WONG, SC  
Judge of Appeal Justice CHAO Hick Tin Vice-President and Chair of Corporate Development & Services Cluster
Judge of Appeal Justice Andrew PHANG Boon Leong Vice-President and Chair of Legal Publishing & Knowledge Cluster
Judge of Appeal Justice Judith PRAKASH Vice-President and Co-Chair of Legal Publishing & Knowledge Cluster
Judge of Appeal Justice TAY Yong Kwang Vice-President
Judge of Appeal Justice Steven CHONG Co-Chair of Legal Development Cluster
Mr Gregory VIJAYENDRAN President of The Law Society of Singapore
Professor Simon CHESTERMAN Vice-President, Co-Chair of Legal Education Cluster and Dean of NUS Law Faculty
Associate Professor GOH Yihan  Dean of SMU Law School
Professor Leslie CHEW, SC Vice-President and Dean of SUSS Law School
Senior Judge CHAN Sek Keong  
Justice CHOO Han Teck  
Justice Belinda ANG Saw Ean Chair, Board of Singapore Mediation Centre
Justice WOO Bih Li Chair, Staff Committee B
Justice LEE Seiu Kin Chair of Legal Technology Cluster
Justice CHAN Seng Onn Co-Chair of Legal Technology Cluster
Justice Quentin LOH Chair of Legal Development Cluster
Justice Vinodh COOMARASWAMY  
Justice TAN Siong Thye Co-Chair of Corporate Development & Services Cluster
Justice George WEI  
Justice SEE Kee Oon Chair of Criminal Legal Assistance Steering Committee
Justice CHUA Lee Ming Chair of Audit Committee
Justice Kannan RAMESH  
Senior Judge KAN Ting Chiu  
Senior Judge Andrew ANG  
Senior Judge TAN Lee Meng  
Senior Judge LAI Siu Chiu  
Judicial Commissioner Valerie THEAN  
Judicial Commissioner HOO Sheau Peng  
Judicial Commissioner Debbie ONG Siew Ling  
Judicial Commisioner Aedit ABDULLAH  
Judicial Commisioner FOO Chee Hock  
Judicial Commissioner FOO Tuat Yien  
Judicial Commissioner PANG Khang Chau  
Judicial Commissioner Audrey LIM  
Deputy Attorney-General Mr Lionel YEE, SC  
Deputy Attorney-General Mr Hri Kumar NAIR, SC  
Solicitor-General Mr KWEK Mean Luck, SC  
Second Solicitor Ms Mavis CHIONH, SC  
Mr GIAM Chin Toon, SC Chair of Board of Commissioners for Oaths & Notaries Public
Mrs LEE Suet Fern Chair of Legal Education Cluster
Ms KUAH Boon Theng  
Professor TANG Hang Wu  
Associate Professor David TAN  
Mrs OWI Beng Ki  
Ms Serene WEE Senate Secretary