Useful Links

Foreign Law Reform Agencies

United Kingdom


Law Commission for England and Wales

Full text of the Commission's publications, including reports and consultation papers. The site is searchable.

Foreign Law Reporting Agencies



The High Court of Australia

This is the official homepage of the High Court of Australia. The Court's annual reports, judgements and transcripts are all here. Judgements are generally available within 24hours of being handed down.

United Kingdom


Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

This site contains judgements of the Judicial Committee from 1999 onwards, and key judgements prior to 1999.

House of Lords Judgements

Full textof all House of Lords judgements delivered since 14 Nov 1996. New judgements appear online within two hours of delivery at the house.

Foreign Legal Research



Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)

AUSTLII is operated jointly by the Faculties of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of New South Wales. It is a major resource of Australian legal information containing full-text databases of Commonwealth and State legislation as well as decisions of most Australian courts and tribunals. It is searchable, and updated very frequently. This resource is highly recommended.

New Zealand


Findlaw - New Zealand

Findlaw.Com has found a home in New Zealand. This is a relatively new, but extremely promising resource. As with the original FindLaw service, this site is a free resource.

United Kingdom


Guide to UK Legal System

This is a well documented guide to online as well as hardcopy resources essential for research on UK law and legislation. Legal System

British and Irish Legal Information Institute

Based on the technology that drives AustLII, BAILII is a fantastic resource that will only get better with time as more and more data gets added to it. It has legislative as well as case-law materials.

International Law



Law & Justice Foundation of New South Wales

An initiative of the Law & Justice Foundation of New South Wales, this web-site has the full text of Federal and State law as well as bills, digests and law reports. It is a searchable resource. The Australian Institute of Judicial Administration considered that this was the "Best Website" in the Public Sector in 2000.

Parliament of Australia

The Parliamentary Reports as well as bills and explanatory memoranda are available at this site. A search feature makes this site immensely useful.

Hong Kong


Bilingual Laws Information System

This is an innovative service provided by the HK Department of Justice. It includes, in both English and Chinese, the full text of Hong Kong legislation, including the Acts and Subsidiary Legislation. The system, based on Lotus Notes technology, is fully searchable.

United Kingdom


HMSO - Her Majesty's Stationery Officer

This site publishes both Commons’ and Lords’ Hansards, as well as Bills before Parliament, the weekly information Bulletin and Select Committee reports. Bills which have been passed by both Houses are also available in full text here. The site is searchable.

United States of America


Legal Information Institute (for Constitutions and Statutes)

This site has a searchable database of US Laws including the US Code and Code of Federal Regulations.