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SAL Academy Publishing, formed in 2007, curates and publishes both primary and secondary legal material to nurture the learning environment and catalyse new ideas. Our vision is to build and aggregate Singapore legal literature for the Singapore legal profession.

Through our law reports, law books and academic journals, available both via print and online, we aim to:

  • disseminate the laws of Singapore to a wider public in the region and internationally;
  • provide affordable legal materials to the legal profession; and
  • offer an alternative avenue to the academics in our law schools to publish their research, thereby raising awareness of their work and encouraging the exchange of ideas critical to the advancement of legal knowledge and research.


Academy Publishing Online Catalogue

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Law Reports

Law reports include Singapore Law Reports and Singapore Syariah Appeals Reports. These embody Singapore’s jurisprudence and are a pillar in the promotion of Singapore law.

Law Books and Academic Journals

Law books include the Law Practice Series, the Monograph Series and the Heritage Series. The Law Practice Series is a collection of seminal works in the key areas of legal practice and are of practical importance to the legal profession. The Monograph Series publishes treatises providing in-depth, comprehensive analysis of legal issues on specific topics. The Heritage Series is a treasure trove of invaluable contributions to Singapore's legal heritage and literature. Academic journals include the Asia-Pacific Arbitration Reporter, SAL Journal and the SAL Annual Review of Singapore Cases.

Custom Publications

A customised publication service is offered which combines professional editing, production expertise and guidance, and project management.