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After the trials have ended and the death sentence passed, what happens to prisoners on death row? In an oral history interview, Sister Gerard Fernandez sheds light on the final days of some of Singapore’s most famous death row inmates.
This revolution would not be brought about with blood or protests, but bytes and programmes: an ambitious computerisation effort that would ultimately become the LawNet so many know — and rely on — today.
As we bid farewell to the State Courts Complex, we use oral history interviews to piece together its 44-year heritage. The first article in this series relies on the words of Colonel (COL) Tan Wee Kian, who was in charge of getting the Subordinate Courts – as the State Courts were known then – up and running.
Who took the silk in 2020?
The second recipient of the Joseph Grimberg Outstanding Young Advocate Award on being a fresh face in criminal practice and why representation matters.