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No-code platforms - and a ‘custom’ approach to automation - are being adopted by law firms and legal teams worldwide due to the control and flexibility they offer. The practice involves using a drag-and-drop visual environment to build solutions without coding, enabling organizations to build tools for their exact needs.
How an attachment in London has helped both members learn, network and become better lawyers.
The importance of networking is hard to overstate. Over the next few weeks, we explore different members’ approaches to this hallowed art form, starting with Mr Loh Jing Jie, who has amassed a sizeable online following.
SAL continues its popular courtroom series with a workshop on written advocacy led by Senior Advocate Mr Gourab Banerji. Ahead of the session on 26 July, he speaks to SAL about advocacy, both written and spoken.
The Harvard Law professor speaks to SAL about navigating the new era of lawyering.