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The changes are dramatic, to say the least.
Navigating these issues can be tricky given their intersectional nature.
TechLaw.Fest 2020 shines the spotlight on the disruptors transforming in-house departments and law firms alike.
PDPA and POFMA: the passing of these two Acts made the past decade the most eventful ever in the local Infocomm Technology (ICT) law scene. Besides bringing the issues of data security and fake news to the fore, the Acts also demonstrated the growing importance and reach of ICT law beyond its perceived confines.
It’s hard to imagine a Stefanie Yuen Thio who’s unsure of herself or her work. After all, confidence is almost always a trait associated with the Joint Managing Partner of TSMP Law. But that wasn’t always the case, she says. There was a time when she would worry about stray punctuation marks and incorrect phrases messing up the contracts she drafted for clients. And although more than two decades have passed, Ms Yuen Thio still vividly remembers the fear of getting something wrong. “There were many sleepless nights filled with worry,” she recalls.