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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is often viewed as a handicap, but as these SAL members show, it can be managed and mastered to help one thrive in practice.
The Right Honourable Richard Wagner PC became the third Chief Justice of Canada to grace the SAL Annual Lecture rostrum last night.
To help your organisation stay secure, it’s important to understand the types of threats you’re up against. One of the primary cyberattacks against businesses today is ransomware.
Mr Ang Lip Kian, a partner at Morrison Foerster, explains the Convertible Note and ESG Letter Agreement, two of the new documents released as part of the VIMA 2.0 suite.
More than 100 SAL members turned up for the return of Legal Chronicles, an annual talk organised by the SAL Legal Heritage Advisory Committee to boost public interest in our shared legal heritage.