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Mr Antoine Fontaine, a partner at one of Cambodia’s leading law firms, on learning from non-legal worlds—and why it matters.
The immediate past President of the Law Society of Singapore on the historic, hectic weekend before Singapore’s circuit-breaker kicked in.
How a commercial approach and stint as a JLC have made her the lawyer she is today.
Suhailin Bte Mohd Sahed is no stranger to spending her time after work at classes. The Training and Development Manager at the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) did her MBA while she was teaching at a primary school and immediately after, she enrolled for the ACTA (now known as ACLP) course, which again meant sacrificing two to three evenings a week plus the whole of Saturdays at class. 
Who decides what cases make it to the Singapore Law Reports? What’s the difference between an unreported judgment and a reported one?