The Singapore Academy of Law Post-Qualification Overseas Attachments, inaugurated in 2011, expose deserving young lawyers to best practices in litigation or arbitration. The programme aims to raise the standard in these areas of practice in Singapore and also allow attachment awardees to serve as role models for other lawyers. Awardees spend up to 12 weeks with leading sets of barristers' chambers in London to gain international experience and exposure and are required to continue working in the Singapore legal industry for a minimum for 18 months in institutions approved by SAL after completing their attachments. They are also expected to take on active roles in SAL programmes after returning from their attachments.

Post-Qualification Overseas Attachments 2018/2019

The Singapore Academy of Law is offering up to 5 overseas attachments between 10 – 12 weeks to Chambers in London, U.K. for the financial year 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

Applicants must;
- be members of the Singapore Academy of Law and
- have between 3 to 10 years of post-qualification work experience as at 1 January 2018.
Applicants with an interest in commercial litigation and/or arbitration will be given more consideration, likewise for those who practice in the infrastructure space.

Registration for 2018/2019 Attachments is now closed. For enquiries, please email us at [email protected]g.

  • Successful Applicants
    Year Awarded
    Chambers Assigned
    2018/2019 Mr Terence TAN Wee Kio Blackstone Chambers
    Mr LIM Mingguan
    Essex Court Chambers
    Ms TEE Su Mien
    Fountain Court Chambers
    Mr ZHUANG WenXiong Fountain Court Chambers
    Mr Ronald WONG Jian Jie
    South Square
    2017/2018 Ms Farrah Joelle ISAAC Blackstone Chambers
    Ms LEONG Yi-Ming Essex Court Chambers
    Mr Nicholas SENG Soon Meng Essex Court Chambers
    Mr Danny QUAH Wei Sheng Fountain Court Chambers
    Mr Joel QUEK Yi Zhi Fountain Court Chambers
    2016/2017 Mr Vikram Raja RAJARAM Blackstone Chambers
    Mr Ben Mathias TAN Essex Court Chambers
    Ms Clara TUNG Yi Lin Essex Court Chambers
    Mr Daniel CHAN Fountain Court Chambers
    Mr Derek ON Wee Chun Fountain Court Chambers
    2015/2016 Ms Lailatulqadriah Binte JAFFAR Blackstone Chambers
    Mr ANG Wee Jian Essex Court Chambers
    Mr Jonathan TANG Fountain Court Chambers
    2014/2015 Mr LEE Ee Yang Essex Court Chambers
    Mr Shaun LEONG Li Shiong Essex Court Chambers
    Mr Kevin TAN Eu Shan Essex Court Chambers
    Ms Sngeeta RAI Fountain Court Chambers
    Ms THAM Lijing Fountain Court Chambers
    2013/2014 Mr Nelson GOH Kian Thong Essex Court Chambers
    Mr GOH Yihan Essex Court Chambers
    Mr Colin LIEW Wey-Ren Essex Court Chambers
    Mr Mahesh Rai s/o VEDPRAKASH Fountain Court Chambers
    Mr TAN Kai Liang Fountain Court Chambers
    2012/2013 Ms HO May Kim Essex Court Chambers
    Ms Vimaljit KAUR Essex Court Chambers
    Ms TAN Weiyi Essex Court Chambers and Fountain Court Chambers
    Mr Jordan TAN Zhengxian Fountain Court Chambers
    2011/2012 Mr Paul TAN Beng Hwee Essex Court Chambers and Fountain Court Chambers
    Ms Lynette KOH Mei Ping Essex Court Chambers and Fountain Court Chambers