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The Asian Business Law Institute spoke to Danny Kobrata, Partner of K&K Advocates, on the anticipated changes in the landscape of personal data protection in Indonesia where the Internet economy is projected to reach $70 billion in 2021.
Is a legal definition even necessary? Here’s why the joint Managing Partner of TSMP Corporation thinks it is.
Arbitration is still the preferred mode of dispute resolution for international transactions but do parties always play it fair? Veteran arbitrators Michael Hwang SC and Chan Leng Sun SC weigh in on the ethical standards to ensure the legitimacy of this decision-making process.  
There may have been a childhood ambition to be vets but somehow law school took precedence.  Yet the call to defend the voiceless and those with no safety nets was so strong that they decided to get their hands dirty and go through huge financial sacrifices to serve on the wild side.

Ignatius Hwang, Lee Chuen Ling, Noelle Seet and Goh Jia Jie are passionate about improving animal welfare. Theirs is the first in a series of stories on SAL members who go an extraordinary mile for a worthy cause.  
The senior partner and head of Tito Isaac & Co’s dispute resolution practice shares why ready access to pleadings matters.