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WELCOME to the Premium Articles section of the VIMA Handbook. We hope you enjoy reading the following articles and benefit from the information contained therein. 


Brief background on the early-stage funding process, the VIMA, and the key issues that you should be concerned with (as an investor or founder).

The following chapters provide a deeper dive into the issues that you may encounter using the VIMA. 

These last 3 chapters are intended to provide a wider understanding of the early-stage funding process, by providing some background on valuation, tax and ESG considerations that you should also be mindful about at the early-stage fund-raising process.  


Disclaimer: The articles on this website are for general information only. Readers are advised to seek specific legal advice before acting on the contents set out therein. The views and opinions expressed in the articles which comprise the VIMA Handbook are those of the authors alone and do not represent the official position of the Singapore Academy of Law.