CLICKS At State Courts


CLICKS at State Courts

Collaborative Law, Innovative Co-creation and Knowledge Sharing



1. How will participants be selected? 

There will be a Select Committee set up, comprising representatives from, inter alia, the Courts, Singapore Academy of Law, the Community Justice Centre, and the Law Society of Singapore.

2. Will the selection be based on individual merits rather than the firm? 

The Select Committee will consider all relevant factors, with an emphasis on the occupants having a heart for pro bono work (not limited to volume of pro bono work done), an interest in advancing technological adoption in legal practice, and an open mind towards doing things differently in the practice of law.

3. Is it limited only to local firms and tech companies?

At the moment, only local law firms which practise criminal and family law may apply. Companies other than tech companies and tech start ups may apply if they feel they have a contribution to make towards the objectives CLICKS @ State Courts has. These will be subject to a ratio determined by the Select Committee to ensure a flourishing eco-system of collaboration to effect change in legal practice and access to justice.

4. How much will each participant be expected to pay? What will this cover?

There are various price options depending on the type of workspace taken up. More information on the pricing will be provided at a later stage. What comes with the lease payment will be mandatory tech and practice uplift programmes,  tech product co-creation, utilities, shared amenities and facilities such as conference rooms, telephone booths, photocopier, printer, wifi, pantry, case referral system through CJC / CLAS. Occupants are free to engage a suite of vendors offering backend services such as book-keeping, practice and document management services and corporate secretarial services at their own expense.