Liability For Negligently Inflected Psychiatric Illness

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At the request of the Singapore Academy of Law’s Law Reform Committee, Associate Professor Tan Keng Feng of the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, examined whether any reform was needed to the law relating to liability in negligence for psychiatric illness unconnected with any physical injury.

His view, which the Committee accepted, was that the common law was at an early stage of development, when medical and legal knowledge were not sufficiently mature. Thus, legislative reform might interrupt the proper development of the law on an incremental basis, and might give rise to legislative recovery in certain areas of psychiatric illness that could prove to be more generous than envisaged. Thus, while there were aspects of the common law that were clearly controversial, they were not so problematic or unsatisfactory as to require urgent legislative change.

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  • The discussion paper was published on 22 August 2000.
  • The paper was cited by the Court of Appeal in Ngiam Kong Seng v Lim Chiew Hock [2008] SGCA 23, [2008] 3 Singapore Law Reports (Reissue) [SLR(R)] 674 at paragraph 74.
  • The paper was also cited in the following works:
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