Corporate Social Responsibility

You can help someone

rebuild their life


One of the key programmes that SAL has created is the setting up of a co-managed fund with YRF, the YRF-SAL Skills Training Assistance to Restart (STAR) Bursary, which supports financially needy ex-offenders seeking vocational and skills training. This helps ex-offenders by training them for jobs so that they have a purpose in life, earn a living for themselves and their families, and regain their self-respect. Every year, SAL’s CSR Sub-Committee will decide on fundraising activities to support the bursary and YRF in general.

The YRF-SAL STAR Bursary covers up to 100% of recipients’ course fees, and is part of a larger YRF STAR Bursary which has supported financially needy ex-offenders seeking vocational and skills training since 2010. Since its inception, more than 128 ex-offenders have received financial help through the YRF STAR Bursary and 53 of them have graduated with recognised diplomas.

Hear from some of our past bursary recipients: